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Success is not random. It takes focus, intention, and practice. Forte Consulting works with you to define your strengths and talents while working toward your vision of success – whether it’s individual, team or organizational. Our coaching programs are uniquely aligned to what you hope to achieve in the next step of your personal and professional life.

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Leaders &

Becoming a leader or starting your own business is a significant change. Our programs focus on where you are in your journey, address any challenges you may need to overcome, and prepare you for a successful and confident road ahead.


It’s all about a team effort. Our workshops can create clarity for your organization, identify and leverage your team’s strengths, and recognize and plan for the right growth opportunities. As a company or as a team, these programs pave the way for success.


Personally, it’s difficult not to compartmentalize our faith from our work but living our values no matter the situation allows us to make faith a foundation. Organizationally, our workshops allow congregations to strategize for ultimate engagement and growth. 


Annette Bechtold is also a professional, public speaker. Presentations can be seen as an introduction to the coaching programs we offer. The focus can include (1) elements of successful leadership and collaboration (2) the importance of putting your strengths and talents into mindful practice (3) faith-based strengths that transcend personal and professional styles, and (4) motivational speeches on resilience.

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