The Secret to Success

I’ve probably read or heard a million theories on how to achieve success.  I’m sure the people providing advice really believe in their “formula” and I’m sure it works for them.  (I kind of equate this to the magic my hair stylist creates when I’m in the salon but can never duplicate when I get home.)

The reality is, if I was exactly like the person experiencing success through a particular method or a creative hair stylist, I would get the same results.  The problem is…I’m not those people.  I’m me.  Whether I like it or not, I’m different.   Continue reading

Women in Leadership: Stay true to yourself

In today’s workforce, women have more career avenues available to them than ever before. Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, most women were homemakers (stay-at-home-moms), teachers, waitresses, cashiers, models, stewardesses (flight attendants), or secretaries. There were few women in leadership positions, other than in the home. Most of us growing up at that time know that moms ruled the roost.

Although there were limited opportunities, I was fortunate to have parents that were loving, supportive and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Thankfully, they didn’t push me in any specific direction. Many parents, wanting to help their children, often push them into things that are not in sync with their passions leading the child to waste years marching down the wrong path and ultimately being unhappy. Although opportunities were limited for women, I never felt that limitation or really even noticed it at the time.   Continue reading