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Life is like a never-ending, never slowing, moving sidewalk.  It moves to a pace determined by a variety of people, events, expectations, and responsibilities. You find the moments and days blending one into the other.  In the blink of an eye, there goes another day, week, and year.  

Do you find yourself saying things like, “If I only had more time”, “there must be something more than this”, or “if I just get past this, then…”. 

You’re not alone.  This is the theme of the times we are living in. 

What are you missing out on?  What will it take to stop and savor the moments?    What parts of life are passing you by?  What is it costing you?

If you’re ready to take charge, jump off, and experience your best life, start here.   The Lasso My Life (LML) interactive format allows you to dedicate the time and space necessary to transform your experience. 

Program | This six-session program includes:

  • Four 90-minute weekly, consecutive sessions (weeks 1-4) that guide you in a step-by-step way in a repeatable way to identify, learn, and create the new rules for your life and the method and process to live it out.
  • Two 60-minute sessions (weeks 6 and 8) to share, troubleshoot, and adjust as you put your plan into action.
  • Includes full workbook and assessments.

Session Options |

  • Option 1 – Custom – create your own group of friends, family, and colleagues.
    (Design your day, time, and frequency)
  • Option 2 – Public session begins the week of January 4, 2024
    (Actual day and time will be agreed upon by group availability.)
  • Option 3 – Public session begins the week of March session begins the week of March 4, 2024.
    (Actual day and time will be agreed upon by group availability.)

Maximum Participants | Limited to 8

Pricing | $530, payable in two equal installments of $265 or $450 if paid in full

Also includes post-course opportunity to continue with a LML graduate cohort to keep the momentum, garner support, celebrate milestones, and share progress and challenges.


Date | January 17, 2024 | 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET

Maximum Participants | Limited to 20 for free workshop and 10 for Coach, Connect, Learn series

Program | Join this group of ambitious individuals looking to take control of their path forward to success.

This free 90-minute, hands-on workshop provides the space to review and begin to reset for the coming year.  

Here, we’ll define these three key elements, Review, Reset, Renew, why they’re critical to successful planning, and learn and practice how to incorporate them into your routine.