It’s a Game Changer

Strengths Development – Individual, Manager, Team
Debbie – Chicago, IL 

The concept alone of a strengths based training was intriguing to me. The very first exercise in asking friends and family about me then comparing their thoughts to my own evaluation was even more intriguing. When I received my insight report and started to identify my themes it was spot on and my mind was racing with excitement. The idea of developing my strengths vs. weaknesses was a completely different way of thinking. I believe if I had met Annette Bechtold and participated in this training before my children were born, I certainly would have raised them with much different goals in mind.

Understanding my strengths and creating my own development plan has been invaluable. This course has helped me truly set goals and accomplish tasks using the strengths of myself as well as others. Annette taught me I don’t have to be good at everything, I’m already great at some things! She challenged me to be a leader and to think about what my legacy would be.

I continue to practice what I have learned about my strengths and the strengths of others around me. I believe I am among the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to have gone through this exercise with Annette Bechtold at my side. I am thrilled to continue my training and exploration of this basically simple concept. It’s a game changer!