Speaking Events

COACH   |   Liberating the potential of a person in order to allow them to develop their achievements

Maintaining or rediscovering momentum can be a challenge for even the most successful groups or organizations. My speaking engagements introduce practical takeaways and implementation steps that transcend audiences while speaking to the individuals in attendance. 

Leadership & Collaboration

With a foundation of a strengths-based approach, Annette shares her proven methods for successful leadership and team collaboration. Being a leader that people want to follow is so much more than having the right skill set. You’re expected to lead with empathy and inclusion just as much as the skills you offer. Invite us to the stage for an authentic conversation – whether it’s only for your executive group or live streaming to the entire organization. 

Motivation & Inspiration

There’s nothing like a solid “pick me up” to reenergize you and your group/team. With motivation and inspiration as the key results, this topic is focused purely on resilience. Our world has gone through so much in recent years that individuals, teams and organizations are still recovering from the challenges. Let us help you renew the meaning of your purpose and get back on track.

Faith-Based Focus

Sometimes, it’s easy to keep our faith confined to our personal lives. However, living and leading with our faith should be in our decisions and actions – personally and professionally. It’s also a struggle to remember our faith as we face challenges in our everyday lives. How do we look to our Leader and maintain consistency as we put our faith first?

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