Personal Coaching

Personal coaching involves a long term relationship between you and your coach.  It’s someone with whom you share your goals and aspiration and who you invite along on your journey.

I like to think of a coach as your co-pilot.  Someone who helps show you options to move from one place to another, the paths you may choose to reach your goal.  Specifically, your coach helps you:

  • navigate each path you choose;
  • provide continual alternative routes for consideration;
  • identify areas for growth and learning along the way;
  • to prepare for potential hazards;
  • work through obstacles; and
  • helps you celebrate the milestones in your achievement

When selecting a coach, it’s important that you set clear expectations.  What do you want to accomplish/achieve?  What are you looking for from your coach?

My goal as your personal coach will be to get to know you and understand what you want to accomplish.  It may be a specific short-term goal or a more general, long-term goal centering on overall personal satisfaction in a number of areas.  Using a strengths-based approach, we’ll work to together to achieve your goals.