It’s all about a team effort. Our workshops can create clarity for your organization, identify and leverage your team’s strengths, and recognize and plan for the right growth opportunities. As a company or as a team, these programs pave the way for success.


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Understand individual talents and gifts, leverage talents with intentionality, discover the benefits and approach to effective partnerships, and identify the “DNA” of the team’s talents through a combination of workshops and individual coaching. The contributions of each member allow you the opportunity to rethink and reset how work gets done to achieve greater performance outcomes.

Connect innate talents and strengths to purpose, vision, and mission through a workshop for small groups. Growth edges include the ability for participants to articulate their true personal brand, achieve greater confidence through alignment, and connect these elements to goals, performance and achievements.

Develop unique strengths-based coaching and effective leadership methods that build, foster, and connect individual strengths for greater team engagement and performance.

Leading through change is a challenge. Participants will learn to envision, plan, and execute change effectively in a way that engages and inspires teams and team members to achieve more and move forward.

Whether creating or growing a new business, department, or initiative, these small group sessions help “builders” discover and identify the best fit for their entrepreneurial or innovative talents. Participants will identify necessary partners and best practices to create a solid foundation for ongoing success.

Identify and articulate the vision of your organization’s future state by evaluating the current state, identifying gaps, and brainstorming strategies in a collaborative effort Effective for addressing finite, specific issues or projects to more global topics and initiatives.

Build a strategic plan that centers on purpose, vision, mission and the resulting strategy(ies) or pre-determined outcomes that will follow. Articulate strategic planning, goal setting, task development, implementation, and measurements.

Understand engagement and wellbeing by learning the elements of engagement, studying individual wellbeing, understanding the intersection between the two, and analyzing where they are. This workshop identifies actions necessary for improvement and to set action plans in motion.

Discover, challenge, and inspire others to maximize their professional potential and improve performance in their role in these one-on-one sessions.

Address a variety of opportunities and challenges that foster personal and professional growth and development. This combination of group and individual workshops and coaching sessions are designed in collaboration with leader(s). Suggested framework begins with a group session followed by individual sessions to help individuals put concepts into practice creating accountability and forward movement.

Workshops may be completed in-person or virtually in full day, half-day, or 90–120-minute sessions. Individual sessions are virtual and private, unless agreed upon otherwise, and include any appropriate assessments, tools, resources, or materials. During the initial consultation/meeting, coach will provide the client with the workshop and individual coaching options necessary to achieve outcomes.  Travel fees for in-person will be billed separately.

Fifty percent of the package cost is due at the time the agreement is signed.  The remainder will be due in one or two installments over the next 60-120 days as agreed upon. 

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