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Becoming a leader or starting your own business is a significant change. Our programs focus on where you are in your journey, address any challenges you may need to overcome, and prepare you for a successful and confident road ahead. 


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Learn to lead yourself from the inside out by creating the environment and practices to support lasting change.

Whether creating or growing a new business, department, or initiative, discover and identify the best fit for your entrepreneurial or innovative talents. Identifying necessary partners and best practices will create the foundation you need for ongoing success.

Identify and articulate your vision of the future state and the plan necessary to achieve it.  Great for any area or project in which you desire growth.

Build or enhance your leadership skills through individually-tailored, client-driven sessions as a seasoned, new, or emerging leader.

Identify the critical components and practices of successful leaders by looking through the lens of followers. Recognize the key areas that build meaningful relationships between leaders and followers that deliver results.

Learn, explore, and design your personal planning and organization system to foster the growth and performance necessary to achieve your goals.

Learn and practice the most effective way to building meaningful and authentic engagement and relationships with those you lead.

One-on-one client-driven, confidential sessions that provide the space to create, innovate, address people and system challenges, and explore opportunities to move forward.

Discover, challenge, and inspire others to maximize their professional potential and improve performance in their role in these one-on-one sessions.

All sessions are one-on-one, virtual, and private sessions, unless agreed upon otherwise. Includes any appropriate assessments, tools, resources, or materials.  Sessions can be booked in packages of three, six, nine, or twelve.  During the initial consultation/meeting, coach and client will explore and agree upon the appropriate number of sessions and length of time and frequency in between sessions.   

Fifty percent of the package cost is due at the time the agreement is signed.  The remainder will be due in one or two installments over the next 60-120 days as agreed upon.  

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