Group/Team Coaching

Photo by on Unsplash

To be successful, teams must be well-rounded.  They must be able to successfully complete all goals and objectives using the talents and resources of its individual members.

Group coaching is specially designed to discover, highlight, and celebrate the talents and strengths of each individual team members.  Appreciating the gifts of self and others sets the stage for productive team interactions.

Building on this foundation, exploration moves to analysis of the group’s current structure and performance.  The alignment of individual talents are reviewed in the context of success in meeting the group’s overall goals.

A significant component of group or team coaching hinges on work with leadership or management teams.  Since these individuals are responsible for the overall direction of the team, their engagement is necessary to the success of the group.

Specialized sessions for managers and leaders typically precede work with the team.  Sessions may include both group coaching and individual professional coaching.