Personally, it’s difficult not to compartmentalize our faith from our work but living our values no matter the situation allows us to make faith a foundation. Organizationally, our workshops allow congregations to strategize for ultimate engagement and growth.


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Explore and discern purpose and God’s call for your life, determine action steps for progress, and provide the accountability necessary to move forward on the journey.

Identify and affirm one’s God-given talents and explore how to invest in, and use these unique gifts for growth, service, and spiritual enrichment.

Lead Like Jesus imagines a world in which leaders serve rather than rule, give rather than take. We imagine leaders who produce results through service and sacrifice rather than through power and position. Since we believe Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time, our leadership model is simple: follow the Leader.

Understand engagement, measure and study current engagement and spiritual satisfaction in these workshops for church and ministry leaders. Identify actions needed to improve engagement and set action plans to achieve growth.

Workshops may be completed in-person or virtually in full day, half-day, or 90–120-minute sessions.  Individual sessions are virtual and private, unless agreed upon otherwise, and include any appropriate assessments, tools, resources, or materials. During the initial consultation/meeting, coach will provide the client with the workshop and individual coaching options necessary to achieve outcomes.  Travel fees for in-person will be billed separately.

Fifty percent of the package cost is due at the time the agreement is signed.  The remainder will be due in one or two installments over the next 60-120 days as agreed upon.

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